Source code for simbad.exit

"""Exit utility for catching errors and printing unified error messages"""

__author__ = "Jens Thomas & Felix Simkovic"
__date__ = "08 May 2017"
__version__ = "1.1"

import logging
import os
import sys
import traceback

    import pyrvapi
except ImportError:
    pyrvapi = None

def _debug_logfile(logger):
    """Get the debug logfile"""
    if logger.handlers:
        for d in logger.handlers:
            if hasattr(d, "baseFilename") and d.level == logging.DEBUG:
                return getattr(d, "baseFilename")
    return None

[docs]def exit_error(exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback): """Exit on error collecting as much information as we can. Parameters ---------- exc_type : str The exception type exc_value : str The exception value exc_traceback The exception traceback Warnings -------- This function terminates the program after printing appropriate error messages. """ # Get the root logger logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) # Traceback info traceback_value_msg = exc_value traceback_full_msg = traceback.format_exception(exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback) # Find debug log file debug_log = _debug_logfile(logger) # Construct the message main_msg = ( "%(sep)s%(hashish)s%(sep)s" + "%(short_hash)s%(msg)s%(short_hash)s%(sep)s" + "%(hashish)s%(sep)s%(sep)s" + "SIMBAD exited with message: %(tb_value)s" + "%(sep)s%(sep)s%(hashish)s%(sep)s%(sep)s" ) if debug_log: main_msg += "More information may be found in the debug log file: %(logfile)s%(sep)s" main_msg += "%(sep)sIf you believe that this is an error with SIMBAD, please email: %(email)s%(sep)s" main_msg += "providing as much information as you can about how you ran the program.%(sep)s" if debug_log: main_msg += "%(sep)sPlease static the debug logfile with your email: %(logfile)s%(sep)s" nhashes = 70 main_msg_kwargs = { "sep": os.linesep, "hashish": "*" * nhashes, "short_hash": "*" * 19, "msg": "SIMBAD_ERROR".center(32, " "), "tb_value": traceback_value_msg, "logfile": debug_log, "email": "", } # String it all together logger.critical(main_msg, main_msg_kwargs) logger.critical("SIMBAD EXITING AT...") logger.critical("".join(traceback_full_msg)) # Make sure the error widget is updated if pyrvapi: pyrvapi.rvapi_flush() sys.exit(1)