Source code for simbad.parsers.anode_parser

"""Returns values for the top anomalous peak from a anode lsa file"""

__author__ = "Adam Simpkin"
__date__ = "13 April 2018"
__version__ = "0.1"

import simbad.parsers

[docs]class AnodeParser(simbad.parsers._Parser): """Class to mine information from a anode lsa""" def __init__(self, logfile): super(AnodeParser, self).__init__(logfile) self.x = None self.y = None self.z = None self.peak_height = None self.nearest_atom = None self.parse()
[docs] def parse(self): with open(self.fname, "r") as f: line = f.readline() while line: if " X Y Z Height(sig) SOF Nearest atom" in line: f.readline() line = f.readline() fields = line.split() self.x = fields[1] self.y = fields[2] self.z = fields[3] self.peak_height = fields[4] self.nearest_atom = fields[-1] line = f.readline()